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Trogdor the Ropefish Goes Crazy

A few months ago a friend of mine moved to Vegas. He had a really sweet fish tank that he couldn't take with him, so he gave it to me.

I got really into it, of course. The only problem was that the fish kept dying. Here's the graveyard :

1. The cutest little red fish in the world. He was this tiny shy red fish who would always hide. Finally after a month of having him he started to come out of hiding and swim around. To move anywhere he really had to get his tiny little fins moving. I went to Massachusetts to visit family and left the heater in the house set to 70 so that the fish wouldn't get too cold. I have a little heater in the tank, but I didn't trust it. Unfortunately there was a heat wave, and when I came back the poor little guy was dead.

"Things Left Behind"

On Wellington Street

"He met me under the gazebo, late at night, when my parents would remain completely unaware of my escape. He had the most brilliant blue eyes, and always seemed to have a smile just for me. I know this, because it is how I always saw him. We had known each other ever since I was little, had spent every day together, and were always there for one another. This made our attraction perfectly natural. But my parents didn't approve, despite the fact that they knew that he would never be able to bring himself to hurt me, had always been there when I needed him, and would continue to be there for the rest of my life.

One day, I told them that I had fallen for him, even though in my gut I knew they wouldn't understand. They told me I couldn't see him anymore, though they both knew that such a request was impossible to implement. They could not stop me from seeing him, and I think deep down they always knew that. Despite all their complaining and their warnings, I continued to spend time with him; just him and I, under the sandy colored gazebo.

One day, I was talking with him when another group of kids came upon us. They started calling me ugly and stupid. They said that I was crazy...and told me that no matter what I did no one would ever love me. I began to cry, but then he began to yell at them. He said that someone already loved me, and then he said it again, but this time directly at me. The other kids didn't seem to notice, but they walked away all the same. It was things like that which made him special to me. He always defended me, even when he didn't have to.

One day, my parents had me stay home from school. I had become very sick, and was hardly able to talk. They brought me to the doctor, and he gave me some medicine that was supposed to help. Then he asked me to leave the room so that he could talk to my parents privately. We went home, and for a entire week I was put up in bed. My friend came every day, and though my parents never approved they didn't seem to mind his presence.

One day though, he didn't come at all. I asked my parents if they could find out what happened, but they just looked at me sadly. For the entire day I waited for him to come, my anxiety growing more and more as time passed. But the hours continued to collect, and yet still I had to wait. I began to think something terrible had happened to him because I knew he would not leave my side, not willingly.

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