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Going Raw

I used to walk into McDonalds and often times I wouldn't be charged for my food. Why? Because I went there so frequently and brought so many friends, that they knew I was good for business. My favorite meal was the Fishwich, a mighty sandwich made with a bun, american cheese, a deep fried fish patty, and a generous portion of tartar sauce. To fully sate my appetite I always supersized.

My parents had always encouraged me to eat healthy. I just didn't see the point. I felt good, I wasn't fat, and I never got sick. Why fix what isn't broken? I was thankful for my good metabolism and assumed that eating healthy was for people who didn't have it so good.

Then a couple years ago I watched Super Size Me. I watched it for entertainment, but it was the first time I began to believe that what I ate actually mattered. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. When subjected to a McDonalds only diet, the creator became depressed, lethargic, and generally didn't feel too well. That was the day I stopped eating fast food.

Day 10 Updates

On Fresh for February

So far I'm succeeding in not eating any cooked carbs and thus avoiding the major pitfalls of the cooked diet: addiction, mucus, and body odor.

Let's talk about addiction. Perhaps it's the wrong word. Perhaps the right thing to say is that cooked food excited me. Cooked food is an adventure. Cooked food is a buffet of drugs. There are so many options! (not really) But it is exciting! The idea of spices and oily carbs  with salt is an evolutionary dream :P and on a daily basis I'd have the option to pick between whichever food I want be it tasty refried bean tacos which I'd make from these great new tortillas, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, refried beans, and mixing salsa with avocado. Yum. For real yum and easy to get plenty of calories in which I love. It's always a plus to be able to knock out 2000 calories in one sitting in my book.

See that's a big difference between myself and another health food bloggers is that I am pro-nutrition. I am pro-getting-more-nutrition-in-you. Why?

Because if they're the right foods, more calories should mean more fuel which means more energy to do more. I ran a marathon on this principle. Simply increased my fuel, allowed myself to eat as I wished, allowed myself to sleep as I pleased, and found myself running long distance with ease. It is there where choice of food matters greatly, because pizza does not inspire movement. Potatoes do not inspire movement. Eggs, fish, bread, cheese, beef... do not inspire movement.

Fruit inspires movement. Foods that digest well inspire movement. Vegetables like celery have a deeply nourishing healing feeling upon their consumption and recharge the body with electrolytes. Being HYDRATED inspires movement. Being dehydrated does not. 

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